May 9, 2022

Platform updates Monday, May 9, 2022

Hi everyone, this post is about what has changed since last weeks on our platform.

DNS Records Observer

There are now Observers and Monitors. Monitors are UP/DOWN (or FOUND/NOT FOUND) alerts while observers just check and collect the same data over time and watch if something has changed.

We currently have two observers and one is locked and always enabled:

  1. Response time (locked)
  2. DNS records

When a DNS record is added or removed, an alert will be sent to you with the details about the record(s).

Dark Mode

We have introduced themes management in your account. You can now switch between dark and light themes.

Improved UI

We have also moved the notifications to a small floating box at the top right. The typography has been updated to freshen up the interface and we’ve incorporated more AJAX for a smoother and more enjoyable interface.

Do you know?

My Website is Online offers unlimited monitors for each website in your account. That means you can monitor various pages or your website, not only the home page.

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