August 11, 2023

Platform updates Friday, August 11, 2023

Hello esteemed users,

After a brief hiatus dedicated to refining our services and ensuring an optimal user experience, we are thrilled to bring forth some exciting enhancements to our platform.

Introducing The Revamped Status Page

We’ve heeded your feedback and are elated to roll out the following features:

  1. Custom Domain Integration: Say goodbye to generic URLs! With our new feature, you can now integrate your own domain or subdomain. To set this up, all you need to do is create a DNS entry (CNAME) pointing to your temporary domain. Note: This feature is currently in beta.
  2. Branding Enhancements:
    • Logo Upload: Showcase your brand identity by uploading your business logo directly.
    • Thematic Customization: Complement your logo with a theme color of your choice. Although our signature green remains dominant, reflecting uptime status, this change enables greater brand alignment.

Account Management Upgrades

  • Enhanced User Control: Flexibility is paramount. We now empower you to delete your account whenever you deem fit.
  • Simplified Email Updates: Switching to a new email? Update it seamlessly without the hassle of creating an entirely new account.

Bug Resolutions

In our commitment to delivering excellence, we’ve tackled and resolved some persistent issues:

  • Website Deletion: Earlier, post the 30-day trial, users faced challenges in deleting websites from their account. This has now been rectified.
  • Subdomain Update Issues: For status pages with dashes in their subdomains, updating information was previously a challenge. This glitch has been resolved.

We’re continually striving to refine our platform to serve you better. We appreciate your patience and invaluable feedback. Here’s to a seamless digital experience!

Warm regards,

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